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Friends of the Maasai

Creating change with Maasai communities

About our organization

Friends of the Maasai focuses on improving the living conditions of the Maasai and restoring the ecosystem of the Savannah in Kenya and Tanzania (around Mount Kilimanjaro).

Our efforts involve strengthening their resistance to climate change and addressing the primary issues of poverty. We are dedicated to bringing about structural improvements in their circumstances. This involves not just coping with climate change but also tackling critical issues that extend beyond calamities. We also respond during times of heightened need caused by factors like food shortages due to natural occurrences or human conflicts, as well as due to a lack of opportunities for development.


What we do

The overarching goal of all projects is to contribute to the ecosystem and restore livelihoods, by focusing on community-led projects in Maasai land. In this way, the Maasai can preserve their way of life and centuries-old values and culture and participate in the constantly changing developments in the world.


The essence of a community-led approach lies in entrusting community with the responsibility to actively identify their needs, establish priorities and formulate as well as execute solutions. Instead of relying solely on external authorities or top-down decision-making, such initiatives emphasize harnessing the wealth of local knowledge, expertise and experiences of those impacted by the challenges. By taking responsibility for their collective well-being, communities drive the process towards more effective and sustainable outcomes.

Restoring ecosystem

The goal of restoring ecosystems is to return them to a state of ecological balance, where native species thrive, natural processes resume, and the ecosystem functions effectively. This involves a wide range of activities and interventions, tailored to the specific needs of the ecosystem in question.  Ecosystem restoration not only benefits biodiversity and natural resources but also provides ecological services that support human well-being.

Support livelihood

Supporting livelihoods refers to efforts and initiatives aimed at sustaining and improving the means by which the Maasai communities earn a living.  Effective support for livelihoods requires a multi-faceted and integrated approach, taking into account the unique needs, capacities, and aspirations. By investing in livelihood support, societies can enhance their well-being, reduce poverty, promote social inclusion, and contribute to economic development.

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