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White Mountain Movement
Restoring Maasai Culture and Ecosystems


Friends of the Maasai collaborates with organizations like Embassy of the Earth, see Both organizations follow a "community-driven" approach. Embassy of the Earth was the initiator to build a large Maasai community comprising members from Kenya and Tanzania, known as the "White Mountain Movement." Friends of the Maasai is now backing this movement and connecting the Maasai community we work with to the White Mountain Movement.

The mission of this movement is simple: to bring back the snow on Mount Kilimanjaro. How? By restoring the landscape on and around Kilimanjaro, thereby creating a healthy and sustainable society for all Maasai. By cultivating the land with trees and greenery (based on permaculture principles) and applying holistic grazing for livestock, disrupted weather patterns can be restored, bringing rain and consequently, snow back to Kilimanjaro.

White Mountain Future Search Conference

From February 28 to March 3, 2023, Embassy of the Earth, with significant support from the Planning Group, consisting of various Maasai from Kenya and Tanzania, organized a White Mountain Future Search Conference in Lekirumun, Siha district, Tanzania. Four Maasai from the villages of Orpirikata and Tokoishi participated in this conference, marking the beginning of efforts to involve diverse communities from the Kilonito region (around Kajiado) in the White Mountain Movement. The movement in Kenya currently includes approximately 5000 Maasai from 11 villages in Amboseli, Mara, and Kilonito. The conference was attended by a total of 120 participants, including Maasai from Kenya and Tanzania, representatives from various professional organizations and government officials from both countries.


Mission of the Search Conference

The goal of this Search Conference is to revitalize Maasai culture and collaborate in restoring the Kilimanjaro ecosystem. Revaluating the Maa culture contributes to landscape restoration and improved living conditions for the Maasai. The focus is on cultural restoration, landscape rehabilitation with an emphasis on biodiversity and enhancing living conditions. Collaboration with governments and other stakeholders willing to contribute to this mission is a crucial aspect.

Shared Vision

The outcome of this Search Conference resulted in a shared vision based on four pillars:

  1. Renewed Maa culture, in harmony with religion and education, with fair and equitable distribution of resources (no corruption).

  2. Livestock herders and farmers work together peacefully in a restored, biodiverse landscape with adequate water supply.

  3. Communities enjoy food security and access to medical care.

  4. Improved education allows Maasai access to all levels of society.

Action Plans

Various action plans were devised, with each Maasai community selecting three priorities to work on in the coming period. These plans are monitored by different coordinating councils that assist the Maasai in implementing their initiatives when necessary.


Supporting Orpirikata and Tikoishi Villages: Friends of the Maasai will now first support the villages of Orpirikata and Tikoishi in realizing their plans.

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