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About us

About Us

The founders of the Friends of the Maasai have been affected by the problems that threaten the Maasai in Kenya and Tanzania in their existence and have each built up their own specific relationship with the Maasai and Africa in recent years. That was the reason to set up the Friends of the Maasai foundation in 2018. Five years later, there is a need for a clear strategy and a long-term plan for the future, which will be further explained in this document.

We want to secure the
future for the Maasai 

Our Mission

"Friends of the Maasai focuses on improving the living conditions and resilience of the Maasai in Kenya and Tanzania by contributing to the ecosystem and restoring livelihoods, with the community itself

taking the lead in the projects."

Our Vision

"By 2030, Friends of the Maasai, along with all stakeholders, has actively contributed to the community-led ecosystem and restoration

of livelihoods in Maasai land."

Our mission and vision
Annual reports and policy plan

Questions about our annual report or policy plan?

Meet the Team

Meet the Team

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